Registered Nurse

Perform his / her duties as per NMC guiding principles and model of care, DHA regulation and other regulatory authorities, accreditation body. Provides car...

Perform his / her duties as per NMC guiding principles and model of care, DHA regulation and other regulatory authorities, accreditation body. Provides car...

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Registered Nurse

NMC Hospital


Posted on 10 May, 2024
Apply before 31 May, 2024


2 – 5 years




Bachelor's Degree





Job Sector


Job Type

Full Time





Job Description

  • Perform his / her duties as per NMC guiding principles and model of care, DHA regulation    and other regulatory authorities, accreditation body.
  • Provides care in a non-judgmental, non-discriminatory manner that is sensitive to the adult or elderly patient’s and family’s diversity, preserving their autonomy, dignity and rights.
  • Provide culturally appropriate patient focused nursing care.
  • Applies the international patient safety goals throughout the patient journey and care process.
  • Respects patient and applies patient family rights throughout the patient care, with empathy, emotional stability.
  • Educates and informs patient on the care process and other relevant information within her scope of practice.
  • Assessment, implementation and coordination of complex care and interventions.
  • Supporting a compassionate and therapeutic environment for critically ill patients.
  • Providing comfort and preventing suffering.
  • Collaborating with patients, their families, their healthcare providers, and healthcare professionals.
  • Acting as patient advocates
  • Practice  continuous monitoring and nursing vigilance
  • Interpreting diagnostic tests such as ABG, GMT
  • Consults and coordinates with health care team members develops plan of care that is individualized for the adult and elderly patients reflecting collaboration with other members of the healthcare team.
  • Responds to life-saving situations based upon nursing standards and protocol.
  • Applies Hemodynamic, Phlebotomy and IV protocols.
  • Monitors and adjusts specialized equipment used on patients, and interprets and records electronic displays, such as intracranial pressures, central venous pressures, pulmonary artery pressures, and cardiac rhythms from cardiac monitors, respirators, ventilators, oxygen pumps, etc.
  • Monitors catheters, leads and tubing for proper placement and functioning.
  • Initiates corrective action whenever information from monitoring/life support equipment shows adverse symptomatology.
  • Performs appropriate treatments as ordered by physician in an accurate and timely manner.
  • Performs therapeutic nursing interventions as established by individualized plan of care for the adult or elderly patient, pediatric (if applicable )  and his/her family, which may include meeting nutritional needs, elimination needs, psychological needs, spiritual needs, hygienic needs.
  •  Coordinates with doctors to keep patients and their family members updated on test results or treatment recommendations.
  • Facilitate and assist in diagnostics, Collects specimens, instructs patients on specimen collection, transport them and ensure that results are obtained, acknowledged by the doctor.
  • Performs clinical nursing procedures, and general therapies and interventions, administers medication, Blood and Blood Products and treatments as per the scope of practice, hospital policy.
  • Administers medication as per rights, adheres to medication management process, indent, labeling, storage, appropriateness review.
  • Review patient diet order, requests for diet as per policy and ensure that patient nutritional needs are met.
  • Adhere to principles of infection control for infectious cases, documents in notification form, occupational injury form, infection control log and other relevant documentation as per policy.
  • Assure proper consent for patients when applicable as per hospital policy.
  • Provides individualized patient/family education customized to the adult or elderly patient and his/her family.
  • Documents patient assessment findings, physical/psychosocial responses to nursing intervention and progress towards problem resolution.
  • Documents relevantly, legibly and precisely as per the documentation policy both in HIS and manual records as appropriate.
  • Initiates Code Blue, emergency resuscitation measures according to hospital protocol and be a part of code blue Team for the hospital.
  • Reports patient condition, handing over of information, to appropriate personnel during each shift.
  • Facilitates transfer in and transfer out, by collaborating with the facility as per the transfer policy
  • Coordinates with ambulance services when required, to enhance the quick action and on patient arrival.
  • Collaborates with all disciplines, support services and others concerned to deliver the best possible care for the patient.
  • Addresses / escalates concerns to the immediate supervisor and ensures that it is resolved.
  • Utilizes resources appropriately and efficiently ensuring cost effectiveness.
  • Maintains inventory – drugs, including controlled, semi controlled and narcotics, consumables and supplies, participate in product evaluation whenever necessary.
  • Delivers safe patient care consistently, follows the infection control practices consistently.
  • By managing their time, effectively multitask and prioritize their responsibilities have a better time completing their duties in a timely manner and maintain confidence in critical situations.
  • Applies necessary safety checks, functionality, checks, maintenance checks, precautions while operating medical equipment, including crash cart  as per hospital policy.
  • Reports all significant relevant information professionally , timely and appropriately including near miss, incidents, issues and concerning patient care and patient safety.
  • Demonstrates updated knowledge, reflective practice, critical thinking at all times for safe and high quality patient care.
  • Acts & practice consistently activities that enhances Organization reputation.
  • Updates self professionally, meet the training requirements, competencies, maintain self-performance log as expected, participate in professional development activities.
  • Orients new staff, evaluates peer group and allied staff as per the hospital policy.
  • Drives change, innovation, creativity, strategically think, as appropriate to scope of practice.
  • Demonstrates ethical and professional behavior with supervisors, colleagues, health care providers, patients and family.
  • Demonstrates interest and actively participate in all quality improvement activities as expected by the organization such as KPI, QI projects, Audits, Policies and procedures , reporting incidents and near miss, etc.
  • Assess constantly risk and mitigates them, reports as per the hospital policy.
  • Contributes to maintain the safety of the patient and environment by identifying risks, hazards, potential harm as per the safety policy of the hospital.
  • Extend support to all the processes, directly and indirectly towards patient care, patient satisfaction, organizational requirement such as patient feedback, patient complaints, statistical data, maintaining reports and records.
  • Readily accepts any other responsibilities assigned by immediate supervisor.

Job Skills


  • Planning & organizing skills.
  • Ability to manage and evaluate staff reporting to, peer groups.
  • Strong written, verbal, and interpersonal communication skills.
  • Proficiency in multi-tasking and handling stressful situations.
  • Talent for negotiation and collaboration.
  • Strong ability to work as a team.
  • Time management Cognitive skills as per the position.
  • Computer literate.


  • Masters in Nursing /Bachelor of Science in nursing / Diploma in nursing.
  • Current license from home country, DHA license to practice in Dubai.
  • Minimum 2 years of experience, in the relevant area.
  • BLS provider, ACLS provider, PALS preferable.
  • Spoken Arabic language is preferable.

Job Location


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NMC Hospital

NMC Hospital

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